The news of IncogniTeam and unrestricted Internet

2017.12.25 Merry Christmas and Happy VPNew Year!

2017.11.12 Digital Freedom Festival

See you at our stand at Digital Freedom Festival. 27-28 November, Riga, Latvia.

2017.10.02 Pre-order of VPN routers IncognIt.Open

Preliminary order of VPN routers IncognIt.Open is now available. A discount of 10% is granted for pre-ordered equipment.
For more details see "Pre-order". Sale start is planned for Q1 2018.

2017.09.21 Infographic by GlobalWebIndex - VPN Usage Around the World

- 25% of Internet users have used a VPN in the past month.
- 42% of these use a VPN daily.
(It means that 10,5% of all Internet users have used VPN daily - comment by IncogniTeam).
- Preserving anonymity is a major motivation for North American users, but access to better entertainment drives usage in all other regions.

2017.08.29 IncognIt.Open on Amazon

It is planned to start the sale of IncognIt.Open VPN router on Amazon. This will help to speed up the delivery of the product to our customers.
Meanwhile only connection packs to VPN service IncogniTime will be sold on our web-site.

2017.07.26 Online Censorship

Online Censorship: A Global Map & Ranking of Every Country’s Internet Restrictions (Infographic).

2017.06.16 Is privacy a luxury?

European Parliament Committee Recommends End-To-End Encryption For All Electronic Communications.,34809.html

2017.05.01 VPN services and protocols

New VPN router IncognIt.Open will provide access to the most popular VPN services: ExpressVPN, IPVanish, NordVPN, PrivateInternetAccess, PureVPN. Accessible protocols are OpenVPN and L2TP/IPSec.
The quickest and the most secure modern VPN protocol IPSec/IkeV2 will be supported by our VPN service IncogniTime.

2016.12.25. Merry Christmas and Happy VPNew Year!

2016.11.14. Online freedom: year’s results

Freedom House published its latest research results of Internet freedom in different countries. (

2016.07.01. New router

We are preparing to release a powerful VPN router (2.4/5GHz, 1200Mbps, 1Gb ports) with OpenWRT and pre-configured settings of the best VPN-services.
What differs this router from the other devices of such type is the simplicity of setting-up for the end user, support of different VPN protocols (OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, IPSec) and hardware encryption, at a much lower cost.

2015.12.20. Merry Christmas and Happy VPNew Year!

We don’t believe in Santa...
But we believe in secure and private unrestricted Internet!

2015.11.15. Domain VPN Routing

Now routing settings can be set not only for every end device in the network (with / without VPN), but also separately for any of the domain names you browse.

2015.09.01. Pre-order of routers IncognIt.Home

Preliminary order of routers-anonymizers IncognIt.Home is now available.
A discount of 10% is granted for pre-ordered equipment.
For more details see “Pre-order”.

2015.08.20. 3 months’ VPN for free!

With the purchase of the router-anonymizer IncognIt.Home you get a VPN connection pack for 3 months (IncogniTime.3) for free! Save $25.99!

2015.07.15. VPN "at one click"

Payment for the IncogniTime service directly from VPN user Member Area “My.IncognIt” will be available soon. Even simpler, faster and more private.

2015.06.27. VPN settings control with a browser add-on

Browser add-ons allowing to instantly adjust basic VPN parameters have been released. Now with just one click it is possible to switch VPN on and off, to change server (the country and IP) and to enter the VPN settings section of the router’s web interface.
You can download and install add-ons in the section “Support”.

2015.05.22. U.N.O. named encrypting and anonymity as one of the human rights

On Thursday United Nations Human Rights Council released a report of the meeting on anonymity and encrypting in the Internet. The main conclusion of the document is: the possibility of anonymous use of the Internet and encryption of personal data and means of communication are necessary and should be regarded as a part of human rights.

Means of anonymizing and encryption were said to be “at the heart of freedom of opinion and expression in the digital age, essential for individuals and groups to exercise their rights”. It is pointed out in the document that although such means can be used by law-violators to perpetrate crimes, even a telephone might be used both as an instrument of crime and as a device to call the police.

2015.04.15. Club card

Club flash-memory card is a part of the IncognIt routers-anonymizers kit. Carry it around to always have at hand a list of basic settings, support addresses and router instructions.
Show it to your friends and invite them to the Masked World!

2015.02.10. Invite a friend!

With the referral program “Invite a friend” registered customers who have already appreciated the router-anonymizer IncognIt will be able to invite their friends to make a purchase in our web store. For every new brought-in customer you will get a discount coupon for 1% that may be used for subsequent purchases.

2015.01.12. "Take-away" privacy

IncogniTeam has started the development of a new router-anonymizer IncognIt.Travel for travelling.
Compact router-anonymizer is intended for secure and private Internet-connection outside of home via public Wi-Fi, 3G/4G/LTE and Ethernet networks. Apart from main 220V or 110V supply, there is a possibility of power supply via USB or by built-in rechargeable battery.

2014.12.15. Online freedom: year’s results

Freedom House published its latest research results of Internet freedom in different countries. ( Germany, Iceland and Estonia were declared to be the first in Internet freedom. In spite of the recent scandal involving Edward Snowden and his exposures, the USA retained its place in the top 5 of the most free countries of the world. The worst situation exists in China, Iran and Cuba.