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Routers-anonymizers IncognIt:
new standard of privacy and security on the Internet!

Now you may forget everything that used to bother you!
Fear for your passwords and payment data... Restrictions of access to Internet resources...
Searching proxy-servers or configuring VPN connection to visit websites and protect your personal data from strangers’ eyes...
All this belongs to the past if you have the router-anonymizer IncognIt!

You are invisible. You are secure. And you can see everything!
The router-anonymizer IncognIt is automatically connected to selected VPN service and gets a new IP address in the country of the user’s choice. After this the traffic of all devices connected to the router becomes anonymous.
The router-anonymizer IncognIt transfers data over open networks along encrypted VPN channels. All your traffic is securely protected against intruders and strangers’ eyes.
No restrictions
Changing user’s real IP address for an address in another country, router-anonymizer IncognIt opens the websites that used to be inaccessible because of website blockings and geographical restrictions.

IncognIt – ready-made solution to the problems of privacy and security of all devices in the local network.

High-speed router with Gigabit ports and AC Wi-Fi up to 1200 Mbit/s.
Fully pre-configured 6 VPN services for your choice that do not require any configuration either of the router itself or end devices.
Privacy and security with a new anonymous IP address in another country and traffic encryption.
Connection of all devices of the local network regardless of their type and operating system.
Discover new, secure and private unrestricted Internet with a line-up of routers IncognIt.
IncognIt. Welcome to the Masked World!

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