VPN solutions IncognIt:
VPN-routers and Incognit.Network -
from single solution to worldwide VPN Network

  • According to the Global Web Index, one-quarter of adult Internet users around the world use VPN to ensure privacy and security online.
  • 1/4 from 3.5 billion = 875 million.
  • More then 30% VPN users in some countries.


  • The global VPN market is expected to reach at USD 106 billion by end of year 2022 with compound annual growth rate of 13%.

Disadvantages current (software) solutions

  • Low speed.
  • Hard to set up for using more then 1 home network device.
  • Decrease PC performance, especially on old PC.
  • Need to install many clients on every home network devices and take care about OS’s types and version.
  • Limitation of connected home network devices.
  • In fact, VPN services not providing 100% anonymity.
  • High cost of preconfigured hardware solutions.
  • Hardware, using xWRT requiring high technical knowledge and hard to set up.
  • Using unsafe old protocols.

Solution: Incognit.Network

  • Hardware based.
  • No central authorization point.
  • High encrypted protocol.

Incognit.Network Advantages

  • High Speed (due to hardware encryption acceleration).
  • Easy to set up without special technical knowledge ("few clicks" set-up).
  • No limitation to connected devices.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Internal recourses ("tor" similar).
  • Additional services.
  • High anonymity.
  • Low cost of VPN using.

IncognIt.Open: MVP product

  • Open-source LEDE OS.
  • Hardware encryption acceleration (up to 500 Mbps).
  • "Few clicks" VPN setup.
  • Preconfigured VPN services.
  • Middle market cost (for similar hardware configuration).
  • Software can upgrade for future services.
  • Ready for production.

Additional features:

  • Firewall.
  • Port-mapping.
  • Traditional router functions.

Special features:

  • Tor proxy.
  • Smart VPN routing.

VPN cloud, based on P2P shared recourse technology