At the moment free pre-order is only available for the routers-anonymizers IncognIt.Open.
Sale start is planned for 2019.

A discount of 10% is granted for pre-ordered equipment.
It will be valid for a month starting from the on-sale date of IncognIt.Open.


Free pre-order is only available for registered customers.

Place the router-anonymizer IncognIt.Open into the “Shopping Cart”, choose the option “Create an account”.
In order to place a free pre-order please fill in the fields “E-mail” and “Password”.
Then press "Checkout" button at the bottom of the page.


In the near future order, payment and delivery of routers will be carried out via Amazon web-store.
We are sure to inform you when the router-anonymizer IncognIt.Open is available for sale.
After this we will send you a message with link to the product page on Amazon and instructions how to get a discount.
You will also be able to find this link on our website.

Pre-order now!

Internet connection using the router-anonymizer IncognIt.Open:

VPN Router IncognIt.Open