IncognIt.Open – powerful VPN router.

Discover all VPN advantages of all devices in the local network! Open them for yourself!

OpenWRT software
Built-in VPN
1Gb port
Gigabit ports
Dual-band Wi-Fi
AC Wi-Fi 2.4/5GHz
High speed
300+900 Mbit/s
1xUSB 2.0

If you want to:

Navigate the Internet privately and securely.
Connect all your devices safely and easily regardless of their type and OS.
Securely protect your data traffic against strangers’ eyes and hackers.
Access websites even if they were blocked or geographically restricted.

Who needs it?

Those who care about their privacy, security and protection of their personal data.
Those who come across content blocking and censorship in their country.
Those who want to enjoy better entertainment content all over the world without geographical restrictions.

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Welcome to the IncognIt Masked World!

Advantages of IncognIt.Open VPN router:

VPN services
Supported (pre-configured) most popular VPN services:
(Attention! The cost of the VPN service
is not included in the cost of the router!)

Our own VPN service with 1 month free access:
VPN protocols
Support of basic VPN protocols with encryption:
  • OpenVPN,
  • L2TP/IPSec,
  • IPSec/IkeV2.
It ensures optimal proportion of speed and security that no other router has.
Unlimited capabilities
  • High-speed router.
  • A "few clicks" configuration.
  • VPN on any devices without special client software.
  • Connection of all devices regardless of their type and OS.
  • Unlimited number of connected devices.
  • Hardware VPN acceleration.
  • Individual routing settings (with / without VPN) for different devices in the network.
  • "Dark web" surfing (TOR) without installing any additional software.
Cost-effective solution
It is the cheapest high speed, private and secure.
Only $99!
Is privacy a luxury?

How does it work?

IncognIt.Open is automatically connected to selected VPN service. It does not require any configuration either of the router itself or end devices.

Turn it on.
Connect to IncognIt.Open Wi-Fi network or LAN-port.
Configure your Internet connection.
Select your VPN service, enter login and password.

That’s all. You have your own private and secure Wi-Fi network without any software installation. And you have no geographical restrictions and content blocking.


Open new, secure and private unrestricted Internet with IncognIt.Open router!

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