VPN Router – just like it should be!

Hardware VPN encryption
Ensures the work of VPN protocols with encryption - L2TP/IPSec, IPSec/IkeV2 - without speed losses. Makes it possible to use any protocol on any device connected to the router.
Pre-configured VPN settings
Make it possible to use 1 of the 6 fully pre-configured VPN services without additional settings. The whole management – choice of the protocol, server (country), routing of the devices – is available on one page.
Tor support
Makes it possible to surf “Dark web” resources (TOR) оn any devices without installing any additional software.
It can work both separately and over VPN.

How does it work?

Turn it on.
Connect to IncognIt.Open Wi-Fi or LAN-port.
Configure your Internet connection.
Select your VPN service, enter login and password.

That’s all. You have your own private and secure Wi-Fi network without any software installation. And you have no geographical restrictions and content blocking.


Open new, secure and private unrestricted Internet with IncognIt.Open router!

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