VPNext double VPN Windows Remote Desktop

RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol)

VPNext RDP is an anonymous Remote Desktop on Windows RDP technology.
Totally without any logging and statistics. The desktop has 1 dedicated IP and full administrator rights.


You will connect to remote Windows from local IP Address (like 192.168.1.x), so it's totally hide your real location.
Another important advantage is that you can store any confidential information not on your PC, but on your VPNext RDP, thereby saving you.

Disk Space

Additional disk space could be providing according your request to support: 100 GB - 5€/month.
Also on VPNext RDP you can view any Internet resources blocked in your country.


1 month - 50.00€;
3 months - 135.00€ (45€/month).


- 2 vCore Intel Xeon;
- 4 GB RAM;
- 100 GB HDD;
- Windows 2012 Server;
- Unlimited bandwidth;
- Manually assign within 2 working hours.

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